Somewhere in the mists of time, circa March of 1992, two high school friends named Matt Forrestall and Mike Longo were attending "study hall" in the library of Everett High School in Everett, MA. Bored and not wanting to study, the two passed around their notebooks and began sketching weird characters. A strange third student who never spoke a word and lumbered around the library aimlessly would sometimes wander over to their table and watch them draw.

One day, one of the two friends noticed that the third student walked awkwardly "like a moose". A sketch was quickly drawn of the character, and a name tag with one word on it was added: "Sprinkles". A sort of wrangler for the moose-man was drawn next to him, a character who would eventually become Sprinkles' partner Jack. And thus, Sprinkles and Jack were born.

Through high school and college, Mike and Matt produced Sprinkles comics, building the fictional universe around the city of Quadropolis and Sprinkles' home of Northwater Woods. Admittedly, a lot of the story and art for these comics can be called into question, but they really don't think of themselves as artists and honestly, who gives a shit? Matt continues to claim that they were one of the first comics to ever find its way onto the web through the Boston University computer lab, and eventually was acquired in 2000.

As time wore on, the two slowly stopped producing Sprinkles comics. However, despite the relative inactivity, the universe of Sprinkles has lived on in the co-creators' screwed-up heads, and it has quietly been expanding and growing in both story and character. The love for this comic world cannot be destroyed.

Our hope is that someday soon, the rebirth of Sprinkles will begin and the universe we hold so dear will return with new energy and an actual storyline, one that's both interesting and not completely mental. So stay tuned friends, for the continuing adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose.

PS. On the very same page where Sprinkles and Jack were born, a young lad was experiencing a hallucination that could only be brought on by an overdose of LSD. Unfortunately "Bob" is still bitter that he did not have a comic created around him even though he was also drawn on that magical piece of notebook paper on that fateful day...